Employee Benefits

Air Canada offers several exclusive benefits to its employees. Through the company’s official portal of ACAeronet , employees can access information about these benefits. Additional benefits are available through the company as well.


Among the important Air Canada, employee benefits are a 401k plan, basic health, dental, and vision insurance, long-term disability insurance, family medical leave, financial and professional assistance in some circumstances, and tuition reimbursement.

Air Canada Employee Benefits

Health Plan: In addition to traditional prescription drug coverage, the health plan also offers massage therapy, home care, medical travel insurance, employee assistance programs (EAP), medical equipment, nutrition counseling, chiropractic services, podiatry, and osteopathy.

Additional Time-Off: Employees in management, administration, and technical support are entitled to 3 weeks of paid vacation and 5 weeks of paid vacation. Self-funded leave options are available on various occasions.

Onsite Fitness Facility: There are facilities available to all employees, including subsidized gym membership, rowing machines, employee jogging clubs, showers, stationary bikes, treadmills, stair masters, instructor-led classes, etc.


In-house Training Programs: Train apprentices, offer skilled trades programs, mentor youngsters, provide online training and in-house training, offer paid internships, provide professional accreditation subsidies.

Additional Financial Benefits: The corporate discount program offers discounts on retail, travel, services, and entertainment for employees and their families. Air travel discounts range between 20% and 30% for employees and their families, and family members receive a 10% to 15% discount.

Cultural Aspects: Several clothing policies are in places, such as dress-for-your-day, sports teams, the music you can listen to while you work, casual dress days, and retirement activities.

Workplace Features: There are many features Air Canada employees have easy access to, including a medical clinic, a dry cleaning service, a quiet room, a boutique, an outdoor patio, an official Air Canada Museum, outdoor barbecues, discounts at local restaurants, etc.

Commuter Amenities: All customers enjoy free parking, transportation subsidies, charging stations for electric vehicles, and sheltered bicycle parking.