Air Canada provides its employees with benefits that reflect today’s realities. A competitive salary and vacation policy are provided by the company, along with a flexible group insurance plan that can be customized to meet employee needs.


Additionally, by allowing employees to communicate directly with higher officials, ACAeronet saves a lot of time. When you sign in to your employee portal account, you will be able to see all their details.

ACAeronet Benefits You Can Avail

Air Canada Airlines employees are able to access a variety of services through the ACAeronet employee portal. The importance of having ACAeronet accounts goes beyond the employees themselves but also to the company as a whole. Find out why having an account in ACAeronet is important.

  • It is easy to access the ACAeronet portal because it has an intuitive interface. Using this portal is not dependent on the time of day. The airline’s online portal allows you to contact the airline 24 hours a day and check for updates.
  • Using this online portal, you can also access HR Connex, Daily and Horizon, and Employee Travel Site. When they log in to their ACAeronet account, they will see an overview of their schedule. The information can be used for scheduling their day. Additionally, they will be able to manage their time more efficiently.
  • All company updates are available on the ACAeronet portal at any time for employees. To access the official web page, users need only to click on their login information and sign in.
  • You can access information regarding your salary payment through your ACAeronet account, such as when it will be credited to your bank account. It is also possible to access information about your bank account through your account.
  • No matter what type of leave you need or which medical claim you need, you can now do it yourself without contacting higher authorities.